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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 17, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning -- seeking survivors. families clinging to hope amid the frantic search around a capsized ferry this morning. new video of the 6-year-old saved. the text messages sent during the disaster. and our first look at the captain of the ship. and breaking news. the violence in ukraine turns deadly overnight, as clashes in the country grow more intense. and president obama gives a stern warning to russia. collision course. two fire trucks responding to a call, crash into each other. one of them, slamming into a restaurant. a combative kid. an adorable baby with a knack for arguing before he can even speak.
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good thursday morning. hundreds of navy and coast guard divers are battling murky conditions in the waters off south korea this morning, searching for survivors of the shipwrecked ferry. >> this morning, the captain appeared on korean television saying he is sorry and deeply ashamed. investigators have been questioning him about the moments before the ship capsized. reports have surfaced that he may have veered off the government-recommended route. nine people are dead. 300 are still missing. >> and a 6-year-old girl was one of the lucky survivors rescued from that sinking ship. but her parents and her brother are still among the missing. this morning, she's in a hospital waiting to hear the fate of her family. doctors treating her say she has no external injuries. and some of the grieving families are gathering portside, near the scene of the shipwreck, anxiously awaiting good news about their loved ones. >> but many are furious, screaming at officials that they're not doing enough to save their children.
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abc's joohee cho is with them. >> reporter: on the second day, rescue efforts are being hampered by poor weather conditions, strong underwater opportunities and lack of organization. here at the dock, utter chaos. he's saying, why aren't you doing anything? why are you here? what are you doing? you're not doing anything for us. this morning, we're learning about heartbreaking text messages between students and their families. one 18-year-old woman writing to her father, dad, don't worry. i've got a lifevest on and we're huddled together. she's still among the missing. some family members went out to see for themselves this morning, the location where students are believed to have been trapped. the only hope is maybe they're inside, safe by an air pocket. this emergency doctor says the emotional stress for these families is causing dehydration and heart problems. this family was just informed
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this morning that their son was found dead. the uncle says, they haven't been able to see the body yet. and he won't give up hope. from all over the country, volunteers are here, including scuba divers and ex-marines. this diver says, the kids could be anyone's child. he is ready to get down there. but the problem is, there are no boats to take them. joohee cho, south korea. >> thank you. we'll have much more on "gma." but now, breaking news from ukraine. the interior minister says three pro-russian protesters were killed at a clash in a military base. 13 others were wounded when they were attacked at that base. secretary of state kerry meets in switzerland with his counterparts from russia, ukraine and the european union. and the u.s. is unlikely to provide the weapons ukraine has requested because as the president told cbs news, it doesn't want this confrontation to escalate. >> they're not interested in any kind of military confrontations. we don't need a war.
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>> however, president obama is warning russia if it continues to threaten ukraine and violate its sovereignty, there will be repercussions. the man in custody for tuesday's security hoax near the boston marathon finish line has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric investigation. ron claiborne has more on the suspect and his mother's emotional message. >> reporter: at his hearing in a boston courtroom, kevin kayvon edson appeared grim. but said nothing. the 25-year-old is in a state psychiatric hospital. he's accused of leaving a backpack near the finish line, which led to some tense moments on the one-year anniversary of the marathon bombing. he was stopped by an officer who saw him ranting and walking barefoot in the middle of the street, in the pouring rain. the backpack was blown up as a precaution. police said later, there was nothing explosive inside. it contained only a rice cooker filled with confetti.
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edson's mother told abc news -- to have this happen on the one-year anniversary of such a horrific crime is unfathomable. she went on to say, i have two sons who struggle with mental illness. and i have had to constantly fight for 12 years to get them the help they need. she has run the marathon herself six times. and had this message for those running next week. run strong and enjoy your wonderful feeling as you cross that finish line. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. a former city administrator at the center of a major corruption scheme in los angeles has been sentenced to 12 years in prison. robert rizzo was also ordered to pay nearly $9 million in restitution to the city of bell. he apologized for breaching the public's confidence. rizzo boosted his own pay to $800,000 and increased the salaries of other top officials while that city spiraled towards bankruptcy. part of the search for malaysia airlines flight 370 may be winding down. officials say the search will be called off unless the two dozen ships and
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planes find something today. the u.s. robot submarine has made three trips to the ocean floor. but so far, nothing. however, samples from an oil slick are being analyzed to see if it's related to the missing jetliner. an interfaith memorial service will be held at the jewish community center in the suburban kansas city area where three people were shot and killed outside the center and nearby retirement home on sunday. the suspect with ties to racist groups is being held on $10 million bail. fire officials in boston say natural gas is suspected to be the cause of a house explosion and fire. two elderly people were injured. six others who live in that home were treated for less serious injuries. the explosion was apparently so powerful that it moved the house off of its foundation. this morning, many americans are leaving home, bundled up in their winter clothes, despite the fact that the calendar says april 17th. this is what minnesota looks like. more than a foot of snow on the ground and more to come today. the good news, though, is that it won't be sticking around for too long.
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temperatures should be back up into the 60s by saturday. >> yeah. >> thank goodness for that. >> bring them back. >> come on, mother nature. minnesota not the only victim in this april freeze. up to a foot of snow to fall in the northern border of the eastern washington area, all the way to the great lakes. rain is the issue along the gulf coast, stretching into florida. >> temperatures warming up to the mid-50s and 60s in the northeast and the south. typical spring readings elsewhere. but mostly toasty hot in the southwest, with the highs reaching into the 90s. coming up, 50 years old and an top of the world. an american icon celebrates a birthday by climbing the empire state building. and two fire trucks racing to a scene crash into each other, sending one of the trucks into a restaurant. new video from inside the building. plus, a major milestone for formerly conjoined twins. brothers taking baby steps towards recovery after a very delicate operation.
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welcome back. the markets opening higher this morning for the third-consecutive day. the dow jones gaining 162 points, thanks largely to encouraging earning reports. it is also expected to rebound from last week's sell-off of high-price stocks. fewer homes are underwater in their mortgages. reality track reports one in six mortgaged properties are in debt for more than 125% of their current value. a year ago, it was more than one in four. it's at the lowest levels of negative equity in the last two years. the top-selling passenger car in the u.s. is getting a makeover. toyota unveiling its redesigned
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2015 camry at the new york auto show. it's aimed at making the car fun to ride, not the land ride some experts say the camry has become. the company said it practically started from scratch on that exterior. and ford kicked off its 50th birthday celebration for the mustang, by desembling one of its new models and bringing it up to the empire state building observation deck and putting it back together there. it's a repeat of the publicity stunt in 1964 when they unveiled the original mustang. and kfc is bringing back the double down. remember this beauty? it was first launched back in 2010. bacon and cheese between two fried fillets. >> sign me up. more than 10 million sold in its first month. starting monday, the calorie-packed double down will be back at kfc, only until may 25th. >> that looks delicious. >> it looks insanely good. 4:11 in the morning. >> it does. caught on camera, a man tries to rob a pharmacy. but a customer was not going to let that happen. and no backing down. proof that some people are just born to argue.
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this winter's heavy snowpack is creating significant flooding in parts of michigan. the muskegon rose to nearly 16 feet yesterday, swamping nearby homes and washing out roads. the national weather service predicts it should start receding steadily beginning today. and most of the heavy snowfall is over. there are trouble spots on this morning's road conditions. wet weather will slow things down in the pacific northwest. and along the gulf coast and throughout florida. >> if you're flying, the only major airports where you might find delays are in minneapolis and miami. two fire trucks racing to the scene of a burning house near los angeles never made it. they crashed into each over along the way. >> after the two rigs collided, one of them careened across the sidewalk and plowed into a restaurant full of customers. glass and debris flew everywhere. and witnesses say the impact felt like an earthquake. this morning, one man is in critical condition. at least 14 others are hurt, including 5 firefighters. kansas city police are
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investigating what could be another highway shooting. the occupants of a minivan said the window may have been shot out while they were driving. police say they didn't see any bullet holes or any other evidence of a shooting. motorists have been on-edge. there's been shootings with three injuries. a criminal in sarasota, florida, was stopped in his tracks thanks to a good samaritan with superhero moves. he tried to hold up a cvs pharmacy. but a customer tackles him to the ground and holds him there for police. he has a background in self-defense. he joked he is batman on the weekends. a former georgia hospital radiology technician admits she falsified hundreds of mammogram results. she entered negative results without having the mammograms reviewed by a demeanor. her attorney claims his client was overwhelmed. she'll spend six months in jail, pay a fine and can never work in health care again. big step for a pair of
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9-month-old conjoined twins who were separated just weeks after they were born. owen and emmett ezell were released from a dallas hospital. they will spend a few weeks at a rehab facility before heading home. they were joined at the abdomen and shared several organs. but they are doing remarkably well. and the parents couldn't be happier. >> we are so thrilled. and so excited. and very nervous about learning everything that we need to learn to be able to take care of these babies, as well as they have been taken care of here. we're just so excited. >> the lead surgeon says the boys are alert and thriving. they are sitting up, smiling and trying to coo. in oregon where authorities are going to have to flush a portland reservoir after a man was seen using it as a urinal. that means 38 million gallons of drinking water are going down the drain, literally. the 19-year-old and two buddies were issued tickets and may face other charges. three years ago, the city drained a different reservoir for the exact same reason. the city is in the process of
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putting the reservoirs under ground. sounds like a good idea to me. >> yeah. now, to the story of a small sea lion pup called hoppy. he was found in an almond orchard in california's central valley. >> that's about 100 miles from the ocean and a mile from the nearest river. no one knows how hoppy got there. he's being treated at the marine mammal center. the hope is to have him gain weight before returning him to the wild. >> interesting. how did that happen? >> a long ways away from water. >> whatever happened, hopefully it's going somewhere it can be healthy. >> absolutely. hoppy will be happy. in sports, the nba playoffs begin saturday. >> first, there was the small matter of ending the regular season. get the details from the guys at espn. >> good morning, america. he's jay harris. i'm neil everett. this is the bristol "sportscenter" set. the actual "sportscenter" set. we're all fired up because they talk about the piston bad boys. it's kevin durant against the pistons right now. >> and k.d. did some work. the regular season finale.
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first quarter, thunder down two. durant slicing in the lane. throwing it down. taking out his frustrations on the rim because he was shooting pretty coy to that point. that time, thunder within four. still going strong. westbrook to durant. thunder within three. under 20 seconds to play. okc down one. durant, jamming again. thunder up one. durant, 42 points, 21 in the fourth. thunder clinch the two seed in the west. come back to win. >> nba regular season ends. nhl's second season begins. columbus at pittsburgh in pittsburgh. on the ropes. 3-1, after derek mackenzie goes top shelf on marc-andre fleury. but the penguins have the championship pedigree. and then come back, down 3-2. power play. matt niskanen beats sergei bobrovsky, who was not the big bobrovsky on this night. tied at 3-3. and untying it, brandon sutter.
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tony can breathe a sigh of relief. the penguins win 4-3, and take the series lead 1-0. good morning, america. we already said that. but it's fun to say. >> we're going to clean up. you all just go do what you're doing. >> guys, thank you. an adorable discussion caught on camera between a father and his son. there's a dad outside taking care of some laundry. >> the 14-month-old is inside, but wants to be outside. that's not going to happen. so, they discuss. >> no. not until you're old enough. no. no. that's in the same place. >> love that. >> it could go on forever. we could watch it forever. at least until the youngster gets tired. you know what's really great? he waits for his dad to finish what he's saying before the he makes his next point. that clip has been viewed by 800,000 people on youtube. >> even though it's gibberish, his inflection is perfect. like --
4:20 am
>> clearly, he had a point to make. and he's trying very hard to make that point. >> perfect sense in his head. up next in "the pulse," a surprise announcement from "the view" co-host, jenny mccarthy. about her love life. and llama on the loose. a strange day on campus for some students at a college. with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin but wondered, could i focus on something better? my doctor told me about eliquis for three important reasons. one, in a clinical trial eliquis was proven to reduce the risk of stroke better than warfarin. two, eliquis had less major bleeding than warfarin. and three, unlike warfarin there's no routine blood testing. [ male announcer ] don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious, and in rare cases, fatal bleeding.
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oh no. who are you? daddy, this is blair, he booked this room with priceline express deals and saved a ton. i got everything i wanted... i always do. he seemed nice. topping "the pulse," this morning, there will soon be wedding bells for one of our friends over at "the view." >> co-host, jenny mccarthy shocking everyone by revealing she is engaged. she and sherri celebrated before donnie wallburg popped out and planted one on his bride-to-be. >> and jenny showed off the huge yellow sapphire. and they already have a huge offer from barbara. >> during september, i'll have the wedding in my apartment. >> no way.
4:23 am
>> but the wedding night, you cannot stay in my apartment. >> well, the three of you. i know barbara. >> if you didn't catch that, barbara said, you can have the wedding night in her apartment, if she can watch. oh, barbara. our congrats to jenny and donnie. >> did she really say it? >> i was going to say i didn't hear her say it. >> you said it, it sounded more shocking. moving on to the vice president. joe biden, going into his second day on instagram with four photos in his account. >> the first picture posted in his account, shows his rayban aviator glasses. and there's there. biden in the limo with president obama, on a trip to pennsylvania for a jobs event. saying, quote, found a friend to join my first selfie. the veep has 45,000 followers already. and now, we're going to peep at the washington, d.c. easter tradition. each year, "the washington post" stages a competition for
4:24 am
dioramas made from the sugary peeps treats, like this one, titled "peeps painting peeps." >> the winner is called, "i have a dream." martin luther king jr. addressing the peeps. it depicts the speech and march on washington in 1963 and uses about 100 peeps all in the appetizing shades of gray. and a visitor no one expected on a campus in a small school in colorado. check this out. it's a llama. found its way to trinity state junior college yesterday. >> it wasn't being aggressive. but still, wasn't anybody too close. police eventually steered it away. and eventually off the campus. >> they speculate it might have escaped from whoever was looking after it and it just got scared and ran away. >> a llama in colorado. >> who has a llama? why do you have a llama? >> do you have one? >> i forgot. they're great kissers. >> llamas? i did not know that. >> they are great kissers.
4:25 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone. i am katie marzullo. >> i am eric thomas. thanks for winding us on thursday morning. first, a check on the forecast. lisa? >> good morning, we are looking at a clear start to the day. the winds are keeping the fog out of the bay. for now. we will see patchy fog in the afternoon. 50 in san mateo. 48 in napa. headed out for this thursday, the clear skies lead to more sun. we are looking at temperatures an the bay upper 50's to 60 and kicking up to nearly 30 miles per hour this afternoon. upper 60's to low 70's around the bay. not so warm as yesterday but above average and mid-to-upper 70's inland so a nice afternoon
4:29 am
and hopefully sue has a look at a quiet commute on thursday. >> so far so good. a serious accident in san jose. the expressway is closed and matt is on the scene with more. blossom hill road is a good alternate. northern and sound 101 through the petaluma area to east washington and through novato and san antonio, and the bay bridge toll plaza, remark is flowing nicely with no delays. police were investigating a may have happened in the moment before the bad accidents in san jose and our reporter is on the scene. >> matt? >> >> this is a major road, a very
4:30 am
fast road at 50 mile per hour speed limit and coleman is 40 mile per hour speed limit the one of the cars want through a red light at 12:05 and both ended several yards away and drivers of both cars were taken to the hospital one has life threatening injuries and the other has serious injuries. police serving the scene in case someone dies in the hospital and then traffic investigations will respond to the scene. i asked how long the investigation would take and they said they will be here for a while longer. antioch homicide detectives have taken the lead investigating the deadly shooting of a boy at 8:30 last night on country hills and hillcrest drive when officers got there, police say they found the boy who was shot


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